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Sebenarnya menggunakan cheat GTA di PC sangat mudah hanya saja belum banyak yang tahu.

Seandainya sudah ada yang tahu cara menggunakan cheat tersebut, rata rata mereka tidak mengetahui semua cheat-nya. Maka dari itu, saya akan memberitahu kedua-duanya.

Cara menggunakan Cheat:Pada saat game berlangsung atau pause, ketikkan Cheat kode untuk aktivasi fungsi kode. Apabila anda mengetikkan dengan benar, maka akan muncul tulisan "Cheat Activated" di pojok atas.

Untuk menonaktifkan cheat yang aktif, ketikkan kembali cheat kode. Apabila diketikkan dengan benar maka akan muncul tulisan "Cheat Deactivated".

Daftar Cheat Code GTA Vice City Untuk PC
Hasil Kode Cheat
Health [Catatan 1]aspirine
Senjata (tier 1)thugstools
Senjata (tier 2)professionaltools
Senjata (tier 3)nuttertools
Meningkatkan wanted levelyouwonttakemealive
Mengurangi wanted level (anti polisi)leavemealone
Perlihatkan media leve jika melebihi dua bintangchasestat
Ahli menyetirgripiseverything
Mobil dodo (terbang) [Catatan 2]comeflywithme
Rhino tankpanzer
Mempercepat waktu lifeispassingmeby
Mempercepat game playonspeed
Memperlambat game play (matrix)booooooring
Menghancurkan semua mobilbigbang
Pejalan kaki berkelahifightfightfight
Pejalan kaki menyerangmunobodylikesme
Pedestrians have weaponsourgodgivenrighttobeararms
Pejalan kaki memasuki mobilmuhopingirl
Mengubah ukuran banloadsoflittlethings
Hanya ban yang terlihat pada mobil (transparan)wheelsareallineed
Bikini women with guns [Catatan 3]chickswithguns
Lalulintas kacaumiamitraffic
Semua mobil berwarna pinkahairdresserscar
Semua mobil berwarna hitamiwantitpaintedblack
Semua lalmpu lalulintas hijaugreenlight
Mobil jenazahthelastride
Mobil Love Fist Limosinrockandrollcar
Mobil Sampahrubbishcar
Bloodring Banger (style 1)travelinstyle
Bloodring Banger (style 2)gettherequickly
Mobil Golf (caddy)betterthanwalking
Kostum pejalan kaki [Catatan 4]stilllikedressingup
Kostum Lance Vancelooklikelance
Kostum Ken Rosenberg mysonisalawyer
Kostum Hilary King ilooklikehilary
Kostum Jezz Torent (Love Fist)rockandrollman
Kostum Dick (Love Fist)weloveourdick
Kostum Phil Cassadayonearmedbandit
Kostum Sonny Forelliidonthavethemoneysonny
Kostum Mercedesfoxylittlething
Mobil berjalan di airseaways
Mobil yang lebih cepatgetthereveryfastindeed
Mobil yang sangat cepatgetthereamazinglyfast
Semua mobil cepatgettherefast
Groupie Tommy [Catatan 5]fannymagnet
Kostum Ricardo Diaz cheatshavebeencracked
Tommy merokokcertaindeath
Tommy menjadi gemukdeepfriedmarsbars
Tommy memiliki lengan dan kaki kurusprogrammer
Cuaca bagusapleasantday
Cuaca sangat bagusalovelyday
Cuata panasabitdrieg
Cuaca badaicatsanddogs
Cuaca berkabutcantseeathing
Kapal terbangairship
Bunuh diriicanttakeitanymore

Catatan 1: Apabila cheat ini diaktifkan pada saat mobilmu dalam keadaan rusak, Kerusakan akan kembali pada nilai nol (tidak rusak) tetapi tidak menghilangkan efek visual dari kerusakan.
Catatan 2: Kamu mungkin tidak dapat menggunakan helikopter secara benar apabila kode ini diaktifkan.
Catatan 3: Para wanita akan menjatuhkan senjata apabila mereka terbunuh.
Catatan 4: Ulangi kode ini untuk mengganti dengan kostum yang lain, termasuk polisi.
Catatan 5: Arahkan senjata pada target maka teman-temanmu akan membantumu membunuh target.



Read before download: Cheat engine is for educational purposes only. Before you attach Cheat Engine to a process, please make sure that you are not violating the EULA/TOS of the specific game/application. cheatengine.org does not condone the illegal use of Cheat Engine

Download Cheat Engine 6.2

Note: Some anti-virus programs mistakenly pick up parts of Cheat Engine as a trojan/virus. If encountering trouble while installing, or cheat engine is not functional, disable your anti-virus before installing or running Cheat Engine(More info on this particular problem can be found here)
This installer makes use of the OpenCandy software recomendation plugin

md5sum of CheatEngine62.exe = c5d6710acf98584c151c213530bc7032

For those that want to have Cheat engine without automated installer and OpenCandy recommendation during installation, click here (Please note that you need to clear your registry manually if you ran a previous version of CE and make sure that the folder CE is extracted to is writable)


Spanish/Castilian translation files (es_ES)
Russian translation files (ru_RU)
Chinese Traditional files (ch_TW)
Chinese Simplified translation files (ch_CN)
Chinese translation files (zh_CN)

Older version

Cheat Engine 6.1
Cheat Engine 6.0
Cheat Engine 5.6.1

Server (For network scanning)

Android (Arm7) (md5: 11ca7a6d2ec7a3f7855d658137ca27c3)
Linux i386 (2.6+ Kernel only) (md5: bc89e0b74d39c5744ef6c6544e013a8a)
Linux x86_64 (2.6+ Kernel only) (md5: 9bfef40585eea580e788ac19d30fa3e8)
Server source


Cheat Engine 6.2 sourcecode
Cheat Engine 5.6.1 sourcecode
Cheat Engine 5.5 sourcecode
(Note, big parts are written in Delphi) SVN repository = http://ce.colddot.nl/svn
No password required


Elemental heroes

Well the cheats will end up costing you 10000Dp so I wouldnt do that but if you wait fo the packs called basic 4-b and master fusion you can get flamewingman thunder giant and the rest but there very rare so pick which way you want to do it, it all depends really on how lucky ur feelin
Verified by: shinki_gilang Submitted by: worapat_Judai on August 25, 2012


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Unlock Master Fusion

unlock rare fusion monsters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Master Fusion PackBuy 90% of the fusion pack
Verified by: chirdsak, saito Submitted by: zdawg on April 23, 2009


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1000 DP

Once you get the spell card "Final Countdown" add it to your deck. When you activate it, you loose 2000 LP, but if you can drag out the duel for 20 turns, you'll get 1000 DP, plus whatever you would have gotten for winning.

NOTE:If you reduce your opponents LP to 0 before the 20 turs is up you will not get the 1000 extra DP.
Verified by: moumene, Aidil1995 Submitted by: mr.mooshie on November 01, 2007

Elemental heroes

Well the cheats will end up costing you 10000Dp so I wouldnt do that but if you wait fo the packs called basic 4-b and master fusion you can get flamewingman thunder giant and the rest but there very rare so pick which way you want to do it, it all depends really on how lucky ur feelin
Verified by: teerapop, eries19 Submitted by: single204 on May 05, 2007


When you get all 5 pieces of Exodia in your hand you instantly win the duel. You will see a mini-clip of Exodia breaking out of the chains. Even though you win, you will only receive 500 extra DP.
Verified by: lyniker, lucky12344 Submitted by: The Effekt on October 20, 2006

Fast DP.

Flunk a test so that you will go down to Dropout Boy. You can then find the gym teacher Mrs. Fontaine near the Obelisk Blue girls dorm or the Gym (I believe this only works if you have met her earlier in the game) if you can beat her she will raise your rank up to Apprentice Duelist and your life points will be added to your DP. If you use a good LP Restoring deck, you can gain over 7000 DP easily!
Verified by: gustavox, 5959699 Submitted by: Darkness_Soldier on March 24, 2006

Glitch: Dark Paladin

When you have a Dark Paladin, check it in your trunk. When you look at the card view (not close up) you see that it is the Dark Paladin, but when you do a close up (close view) the image on the Dark Paladin card is different.
Verified by: narruol Submitted by: The Effekt on October 20, 2006

Lots of Points

Having trouble gaining points? There is a solution.

Win using the Destiny Board and you will gain 3000 points.

Dueling all 6 times each weekend and winning each duel with the Destiny Board will result in gaining 18000 points per weekend!

18000 points = lots of packs!
Verified by: Heero Yui, 5959699 Submitted by: Mike F on January 18, 2006

No More Allowance

Once you become the Obelisk Blye, your allowance stops coming.
It's good to be in Obelisk Blue for a little bit (like to reveal the Obelisk Blue duelists, some more storylines, new packs, Alexis' e-mail) but after that is all said and done, you should go back to Ra Yellow or Slifer Red if you want the allowance to start coming again. Though once you have become the King of Games you will no longer recieve an allowance in any dorm.
Verified by: killer bee, Nightmare Samurai Submitted by: Mike F on January 20, 2006

Password Machine

Always remember that when you enter a card in the Machine, it costs a minimum of 1000 DP.
Verified by: dsds, gustavox Submitted by: ILoveYami on March 08, 2006

Easter eggs

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unlock an event duel

Go to the girls dorm at night and you will unlock an event duel. It is very funny and i will not ruin it for you.
Verified by: stanz Submitted by: zdawg on April 23, 2009 

First Turn

When you flip the coin to see who goes first press L and R at the same time as fast as you can (and if that doesn't work dothe same thing when the person is choosing first or second)

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Charlie on April 12, 2006



A. Merubah Tampilan

Waktu kamu lagi asik-asiknya main, coba iseng-iseng ketik kata-kata di bawah ini:
  • Mustache 
  • Future
  • Trickedout
  • Daisies (tinggi Tree of Wisdom harus 100 feet)
  • Dance (tinggi Tree of Wisdom harus 500 feet)
  • Pinata (tinggi Tree of Wisdom harus 1000 feet)
  • Slowboke ( Zombie berjalan lambat)
  • Lihat perubahannya..

B. Tips Lain

Yeti Zombi dapat ditemui di Level 4-10 (di tempat yang gelap itu), waktu kamu maenin adventure yang ke2 x nya. Membunuh yeti zombie dapat 4 diamond (4000 koin).
Berikut ini saya akan mencoba berbagi tips-tips baru yang sebelumnya artikel ini banyak masalah karena ketidak mengertian para cheater dalam penggunaan Chear Enginer. Cheat Enginer merupakan hal termudah sebagai sarana ngecheat dalam kasus ini adalah cheat plants vs zombies.

Langsung saja saya berikan cheat Infinite Sun, Cheat Money, Cheat nodelay/refil Plants VS Zombies. Sebelum memulai silahkan download terlebih dahulu cheat engine-nya !
Cheat Enginer 6.0
Download Cheat Engine 6.2 : Download disini atau Download disini.
Untuk cara mendownload/melewati situs ADF.ly silahkan baca selengkapnya disini>>

Cheat Infinite Sun

  1. Buka game Plants VS Zombies
  2. Buka Cheat Engine yang sudah diinstal
  3. Sekarang Anda bermain Plants Vs Zombiesnya terlebih dahulu. Kumpulkan matahari sebanyak 75,  setelah itu kita pindah ke Cheat Engine.

  4. Pada cheat engine, klik gambar komputer di pojok kiri atas, dan biasanya tombol itu berkedip sendiri.

  5. Pilih PlantsVsZombies.exe, lalu klik open.
  6. Isi pada kolom Value dengan mengisi 75 setelah itu klik First Scan.

  7. Setelah itu kembali ke plants vs zombies kumpulkan matahari sebanyak 100. Lalu kembali lagi ke cheat enginer dan isi kolom value dengan 100, setelah itu klik Next Scan.
  8. Setelah sudah mengklik New Scan, klik dua kali seperti yang ditunjukan oleh gambar di bawah ini.

  9. Lihat bagian paling bawah yang deskripsinya berisi No Description atau pada gambar di bawah ini adalah bagian yang dikelilingi warna merah.

  10. Pada kolom Active klik kotaknya sampai terisi dengan "x". Setelah itu klik 2 kali tulisan yang 100, ganti dengan 9999. Sekarang lihat pada game Plants Vs Zombies matahari ada 9999.

Cheat Money 

Jika sudah Cheat Infinite Sun Plants Vs Zombies sudah bisa, sekarang mari kita ke langkah selanjutnya untuk  mendapatkan uang yang banyak. Berikut ini adalah caranya.
  1. Buka Plants Vs Zombies
  2. Buka cheat engine. 
  3. Klik tombol yang berada di pojok kiri atas, biasanya tombol tersebut berkedip sendiri atau bisa lihat ilustrasi berikut.

  4. Pilih PlantsVsZombies.exe, lalu klik open.
  5. Sekarang kita ke Plants Vs Zombies, arahkan plans vs zombies ke Shop, lihat uang Anda jangan sampai 0 atau habis. Contoh saya punya uang 2000.
  6. Sekarang kita ke cheat engine tulis nominal uang Anda tapi dibagi 10. Kalau uang saya 2000 dibagi 10 jadi 200. Tulis pada kolom value 200, lalu klik First Scan.

  7. Klik dua kali yang telah ditandakan pada gambar di bawah ini
  8. Lihat bagian bawah ! Klik pada kotak yang terdapat di kolom Active, lalu saya klik 200 pada kolom Value
  9. Isi dengan nominal uang yang Anda inginkan, setelah itu klik Ok

  10. Lihat di plants vs zombies hasil nominal Anda.

Cheat Nodelay/Refill

Cheat ini menjawab komenter dari visitor yang menulis "cheat nodelay kok tidak ada ?" Ini adalah jawabannya. Langsung saja lihat triknya !
  1. Buka Plants Vs Zombies
  2. Mainken terlebih dahulu
  3. Buka Cheat Engine
  4. Klik tombol yang berada di pojok kiri atas, biasanya tombol tersebut berkedip sendiri atau bisa lihat ilustrasi berikut.

  5. Pilih PlantsVsZombies.exe, lalu klik open.
  6. Cari kode 1 yang dimulai oleh kata JMP
  7. Klik kanan lalu klik Go to address
  8. Ganti addressnya menjadi 0048728C, klik Ok
  9. Klik dua kata yang dimulai dengan add biasanya tidak jauh dengan lokasi JMP
  10. Ganti kata add dword ptr [edi+24],01 menjadi  add dword ptr [edi+24],200 klik Ok
  11. Sekarang silahkan gunakan plants kalian sepuasnya tanpa ada delay.

Hacking Tree of Wisdom Tallness

Cheat ini bertujuan supaya kita bisa mengaktifkan beberapa cheat yang nanti akan saya berikan setelah ini.
Cara meninggikan Tree Of Wisdom itu yang sedikit merepotkan. Pupuknya seharga 2500, untuk bisa mengaktifkan cheat, Tree Of Wisdom harus mencapai ketinggian 100-1000 ft. Untuk itu kita harus meng-cheat ketinggiannya supaya bisa langsung 1000 ft atau bahkan lebih, terserah Anda saja.
  1. Seperti biasa,Buka plants vs. zombies
  2. Buka Cheat Engine nya juga.
  3. Klik tombol yang berada di pojok kiri atas, biasanya tombol tersebut berkedip sendiri atau bisa lihat ilustrasi berikut.

  4. Pilih PlantsVsZombies.exe, lalu klik open.
  5. Pindah ke game, lalu klik Zen Garden, setelah itu pergi ke Tree Of Wisdom.
  6. Klik Shop lalu beli pupuknya,nggak usah banyak-banyak beli diatas 3 aja.
  7. Balik ke Tree Of Wisdom.
  8. Bolak balik lagi ke Cheat Engine ketik 1 lalu scan.
  9. Balik ke Tree Of Wisdom lalu pupuk 1x saja.
  10.  Balik lagi ke Cheat Engine ketik 2 lalu scan.
  11. Balik ke Tree Of Wisdom lalu pupuk 1x lagi.
  12. Balik lagi ke Cheat Engine ketik 3 lalu scan.
  13. Jika sudah dapat angkanya,ganti value nya dengan berapa aja (basing/terserah). Angka itulah yang akan menjadi tinggi dari pohon itu.
  14. Selesai
Intinya dari 1 engine bisa menggunakan banyak cheat. Jika Anda tidak paham atau kurang mengerti mohon agar dibaca ulang artikel ini. Mengapa saya harus menulis seperti itu ? Karena saya sudah membuktikannya, saya berhasil 100%. Jika Anda tidak berhasil coba-coba dan coba lagi.



Building Resource Output Cheat

Make sure you have some peasants available for this cheat. When you go to a building, click it then pause the game.Then, click the "Halt Production" button and then press it again. Unpause the game. The "No Workers" symbol will appear above the building; yet, the old workers will still be working there, and new ones will come there too, thus, making it so you can have more than one person outputting resources at that building, making it so that you could make things such as 1 woodcutter that inputs the same amount of resources as 5 of them!
Submitted by:vihmauss1999

Taller Walls

Use Hi Plain. Make a wall or something and then build  a wall on it and then erase the Hi Plain for a taller wall.
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats

Make your Own Taunts

First, go into C:Program FilesFirefly StudiosStronghold CrusaderfxSpeech or wherever you installed Crusader. You will find a bunch of sound files. You need a microphone to do this. To make this easier, put the list of files in alphabetical order. Now, scroll down to the file Insult1. Insult1=F1 and you get the idea. (You can double click to listen to the file). Now right click on Insult1 to bring up a menu. Look down the list and find, "record". Click on that and it should bring up the sound recorder. Press record, record what you want to say and click stop. Instead of going to file save, press the close box and it should come up with a message stating the directory of the file changed and it will ask you if you want to save the changes. Click yes. Now, you can go into the game, press F1 and you should hear your recording. You can also do this with any other file in the speech folder. Note: Be aware that you can't change the file back to its original voice unless you reinstall the game. This is based on Windows XP and it might not be the same on Windows 98. etc.
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Submitted by:ign_cheatsAdditions by:gamer4f416f4fe4b00

Cheat List

At main menu press SHIFT + ALT + A. Note: You may need to type TRIBLADE2002 to get the cheats to work. Now press:
  • ALT + X ... Increases popularity by 100 and money by 1000.
  • ALT + C ... Cycle characters or unlocks all missions.
  • ALT + K ... Destroy enemy fortress. (Or build for free?)
  • ALT + Z ... Destroy selected enemy.
  • ALT + G ... Destroy main stronghold.
  • ALT + D ... Engage debug mode.
  • ALT + P ... Increase character's level.
  • ALT + F ... Upgrades and purchases become free.
  • ALT + S ... Time shift.
  • ALT + Q ... Time compression engaged.
  • ALT + Y ... All enemies on screen turn into butt sauce.
Submitted by Johnny Boy, omarkhaled_2002_2
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Submitted by:IGN_Cheats


After finally beating the Crusader Trail challenge, here's some tactics that work well. See the above tactic for using an ox tether to block the enemies gate, but only use this on particularly difficult boards as you will not be able to collect stone.
Starting tactic, set game speed to lowest possible setting and spot your initial towers and crossbowmen. Put speed back after to preferred setting after you're set up. Defense is the first priority at all times. If you can defend then you can later go on offense.
Do not get locked into the concept of enclosing your castle. Quite often the best tactic is to surround your village area with towers filled with crossbowmen and ballistas. After filling the tower, delete the bottom step, enemy forces cannot get in and they won't try to tear it down either. You can always put it back in to send up reinforcements.
Leave an opening in your castle walls, heavily defend the opening. Attackers will gravitate to that opening, leaving the rest of your castle clear with walls that don't require defending. Make a death pass between two walls at that openeing, funnelling the enemy into a narrow place filled with swordsmen or pikemen.
Enemy towers that have seige engines can be taken out with the Assassin. Sneak him to the tower and let him kill the engineers. Use fire ballistas to burn the enemies farms, he will spend resources on replacing them instead of making new soldiers.
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Submitted by:IGN_Cheats

Hold Enemies Captive Inside Their Own Castles

Take a small building such as an Oxen Tether. Place 1 or 2 of them right outside the gatehouse(s) of your enemy's castle, but make sure their keep is enclosed first. Immediately put the Oxen Tethers to sleep. The ground troops will walk to the gatehouse to destroy them but they can't get through, so they just walk back to their spot. Your enemy's buildings outside of the castle will spontaneously crumble because the workers can't get back inside the castle. Also, the gatehouse(s) you blocked might spontaneously crumble after a while. Soon there will be no food and the peasants will leave the castle. The small army will be trapped inside their own walls awaiting your arrival. When your army is built up, you can just waltz over and wipe the whole castle off the map. (Note: Make sure there are no enemies outside of the castle, or else they will probably come and destroy your oxen tethers.
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Kumpulan Cheat Ninja Saga Terbaru 2012

Games Facebook ini sangat menarik untuk dimainkan dan tentunya anda memerlukan cheat ninja saga token untuk dapat terus-terusan mengakali permainan. Banyak sekali misi yang harus dijalankan sehingga banyak yang mengandalkan cheat ninja saga.
Siapkan yang diperlukan dalam penggunaan cheat ninja saga terbaru ini, seperti Cheat Engine versi terbaru, mozilla firefox terbaru, idm terbaru, dll. Semoga cheat ninja saga terbaru 2012 di bawah ini masih bekerja atau 100% work dan bermanfaat bagi kalian semua yang mencarinya.
Berikut ini merupakan cheat ninja saga 2012 untuk membantu permainan ninja saga kamu lebih baik.
Cheat Ninja Saga Token
- pilih MOZILA UNTUK aktivin cheat nya
- trus masuk ke profil ns kamu
- tulis token ns kamu DI cheat ENGINE
- double kilck ke-2 nya
- TRUS ganti valuenya JADI 334633473340
- LALU NEXt sccan
Cheat Ninja Saga Gold
1. buka cheat engine 5.6.1
2. ganti value type menjadi 4 bytes
3. masukan uang/gold kamu lalu tekan first scan
4. nanti ada address klik 2x sampai ada di bawah
5. ganti value (misalnya 1.000.000) lalu ke kage room
6. lalu keluar gold kamu menjadi 1.000.000
Cheat Ninja Saga 1 Hit Kill
* Masuk NS
* Masuk hunting boss dan attack bos yang diinginkan
* Setelah masuk,biarkan si boss menyerang kita dulu(kita dodge aja)
* Buka CE terus pilih 8 bytes
* Masukkan jumlah darah si boss
berikut data darah:
* Ginkotsu:7293
* Yanki:12760
* Sesho:27950
* Tengu fire:15819
* Tengu wind: 12052
* Byakko:75816
* Ape king:90720
* Turtle:132800
Tutor :
* First scan,cari yang addres sama dengan value yang dimasukkan tadi trz disebelahnya double klik
* Lalu coba attack si boss
* Langsung ganti value si boss dgn 0
* Attack si boss dan mati dech
Cheat Ninja Saga Critical Strike dan Dodge
Butuh Tool CE 5.6 and Browser
1. masuk ke ninja saga anda dan masuk ke profil
2. buka Cheat engine dan pilih plugin.container.exe jika anda menggunakan mozilla fire fox diprocess list
3. klik Hex, Array of Bytes, Also scan read only mem
4. Scan “a93f9a9999999999a93f”
5. nanti akan didapat sebuah address,klik 2x akan masuk ke kedalam list
6. gandakan item tersebut (copy – paste)
7. pada item pertama klik kanan
- set a hot key.
set hotkey dengan F5
>>selanjutnya klik ok trus klik kanan di adres 1 >>
change record >> value >> isikan
” F03F000000000000F03F “
8. pada item kedua klik kanan
- set a hot key.
set hotkey dengan F6
>>selanjutnya klik ok trus klik kanan di adres 2>>
change record >> value >> isikan
” A93F000000000000F03F “
9. sekarang mainkan ninja saga, jangan lupa tekan F5(dodge mode).
sekaran setiap serangan akan dodge.
10. ketika akan menyerang tekan F6 (critical mode)
11. jangan lupa aktifkan dodge mode ketika akan diserang,
dan critical mode ketika akan menyerang, sebab musuhpun akan Critical atau dodge.
CATATAN: untuk kode F5 dan F6 bisa di rubah sesuai keinginan kalian…
Cheat Ninja Saga Gold
1. buka cheat engine
2. process ke mozila
3. selesaikan daily task itu misalnya mission completed 4
4. sudah selesai ingat “jangan diclaim dulu”
5. buka cheat engine ubah value type 4 bytes
6. tulis jumlah uang kamu lalu first scan
7. klik 2x adress yang muncul
8. klik adress 2x ganti xxxx78 menjadi xxxxAC
9. lalu ganti value nya menjadi 75000
10. lalu masuk kage room
11. lalu centang di cheat engine eneble speed hack 1.0 menjadi 500.0(sebetul nya gag perlu kll untuk pkk speddy boleh lah klu pkk modem di usahakan jangan)
12. lalu claim reward daily task nya
13. lalu kamu dapat gold 16 juta !!!
14. sudah selesai
Cheat Ninja Saga Emblem
1. harus punya token
2. scan token kamu sekarang (misal100) scan 100
3. kluar banyak addres tuh klik next scan 5 kali
4. masuk ke headquarter
5. convert token mu 1saja
6. scan lagi token mu yg sekarang (tadi tokenx kan 100 di convert 1 tinggal 99 ) scan 99
7. setelah itu ada muncul addres 1 klik addres tersebut tambah di addres belakanya +4 contoh(xxxxx6d+4)
8. kamu jadi premium deh
NB:jangan membeli senjata embelm karna senjatax tdk didpt di pakai jika mau beli jurus baju itu bisa di pakai jika anda membeli jurus sisakan satu slot jutsu
Cheat Ninja Saga Darah
buka ninja saganya terus buka cheat enginenya dan scan uang yang anda miliki
setelah tu address yang belakangnya 78 di ganti AC contoh (****AC)
di value terdapat jumlah level anda
coba melawan musuh sapa aja dan kalo darahnya mau habis valuenya diganti 60
cheat ni bukan untuk cheat darah aja tapi juga untuk berteman dengan lvl yang lebih tinggi dari lvl anda
Cheat Ninja Saga Damage
1. buka cheat engine
2. klik select proces to open(icon gambar komputer di pojok kanan setengah atas)
3. cari browser yang kamu pakai utk main ninja saga
4. trus klik open
5. pada kolom value type ganti dengan “Array of bytes” dan centang also scan read in-memory
6. scan kode ini 62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2 di frist scan
7. klik 2x di bawah tulisan addres(pojok kanan setengah atas)
8. di bagian bawah kan hasil dari klik 2x tadi
9. di bawah tulisan value klik 2x
10. ganti kode 62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2
11. menjadi 62 04 D3 24 64 A2 A2
Cheat Ninja Saga Amaterasu Hack
1. buka ce dan jutsu (kosongin satu)
2. ganti type text, unicode, asrom
3. scan skill41 pasti keluar 2 adress klik yg atas
4. ganti jadi skill 91
5. terus di cheat emblem dech
6. equip itu skill
7. trus charles nya cri app.ninjasaga.com
8. diperluas cri amf dan breakpoint selesai
9. enjoy the game
Cheat Ninja Saga 3 Element
1. buka ns pake mozilla
2. buka cheat engine 5.6 or higher
3. klik gambar komputer terus klik icon firefox
4. di value type pilih text
5. ketik skill96 ,first scan
6. nanti ketemu addressnya terus klik semua addressnya
7. ganti value semua address dengan skill94, minimize CE
8. balik ke ninja saga yang lu buka tadi
9. klik jutsu terus lu dapet 3 element
10. pergi ke academy beli satu skill yang paling lo butuhin. biarkan sampai prosesnya selesai.tutup academy
NB: -kosongin 1 slot jurus lu, kalo nggak bakalan nyesel
- pas tutup academy ninja saga langsung error , lu refresh aja pagenya ntar cek lagi ke academy dan jutsu element ketiga lu masih proses gak ngilang
- klo kmu butuh fire : ganti skill96 dengan skill98
- klo kmu butuh Ligthning : ganti skill96 dengan skill94
- klo kmu butuh water : ganti skill96 dengan skill96
Cheat Ninja Saga Level Up
1. Buka kembali Cheat Engine (CE) lalu “Value Type” nya ganti menjadi “Array Of Bytes”, Lalu Centang “Also Scan Read-Only Memory”
2. Centang Hex dan Isi dengan “62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2?, Lalu Klik First Scan
3. Setelah Muncul 2 Adress di bagian Kiri, Double Klik satu per satu adress nya,
di bagian bawah ada 2 daftar setelah di double klik satu per satu adress nya
4. Setelah itu Klik kanan di salah satu dari 2 daftar/baris, lalu ke Change Record, lalu klik Value,
pasti agan menemukan “62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2?,
Delete Adress yang ada di atas lalu ganti dengan “62 04 D3 24 64 A2 A2?
5. masukan duitmu di kotak value,klik new scan!
6. kemudian cari addres yang belakangnya 78(misalnya xxxxx78 x itu angka berapa aja)
7. KILIK2X ganti addres (78) yang tadi dengan AC(kalo belakangnya xxxxx68 belakangnya diganti 9C)
8. di value terlihat levelmu, ganti dengan angka 60(lavel maximal)
9. centang kotak di samping tulisan “no description”
10. recruit temenmu yg level 60
11. lawan boss apa aja
12. pasti damagenya 100000
(bisa udah ada buktinya aku yg semula level 1 dalam sehari langsung lvel 26)
Cheat Ninja Saga Critical
1. buka NS d flock browser
2. buka CE 5.6
3. cari gmbr komputer yg ada kaca pmbesarx n plih flock.exe
4. cari “value type” gnti “4bytes” ke “array of bytes”, jgn lupa centang “also scan read-only memory”
5. masukin kode yg mw d scan “9A9999999999A93F000000000000D03F9A”
6. klo dah dpt addresx, double klik ato klik 2x spy addresx msuk ke daftar di bagian bwah….
7. klo uda ada addresx d list tdi, double klik bagian “type”x, gnti ato ubah dari “array of bytes” mnjdi “double”, udah itu, valuex psti akn brubh jdi “0.05?, double klik valuex jdi “1? untuk dodge (damage musuh “0?)
8. untuk damage “1 hit kill” ato “critical strike damage”x, plih “NEW SCAN” di CE
9. masukin kode yg baru “000000000000F83F000000000000000000? , trus d scan lagi….
10. km akan dapat 1 addres atau lebih dari 1 addres….. plih addres yg belakangnya angka contohx “xxxxx280?
11. double klik addresx n ikuti step nomor 7…. nnti value yg d dapat “1.5? di gnti mnjadi “99999? untuk kritikal strike ato damage sampe 2juta…..
Itulah Kumpulan Cheat Ninja Saga Terbaru 2012 yang bisa kami berikan buat sobat semua,




Red Heart Codes

820044C8 FFFF = Doctor
82004508 FFFF = Cliff
820043C0 FFFF = Gray
82004354 FFFF = Rick
82004548 FFFF = Kai
820045D0 FFFF = Kappa
8200458C FFFF = Won
820045A4 FFFF = Gourmet Guy

820044D4 00FF = Elli
82004528 00FF = Ann
8200441C 00FF = Mary
820044A8 00FF = Karen
82004360 00FF = Popuri
820045B0 00FF = Goddess

82004408 00FF = Anna
82004374 00FF = Barley
820043F4 00FF = Basil
820044E8 00FF = Carter
82004514 00FF = Doug
820043CC 00FF = Duke
82004458 00FF = Ellen
82004554 00FF = Gotz
82004444 00FF = Harris
82004480 00FF = Jeff
82004334 00FF = Lillia
820043E0 00FF = Manna
82004388 00FF = May
8200439C 00FF = Saibara
8200446C 00FF = Stu
82004494 00FF = Sasha
82004430 00FF = Thomas
82004580 00FF = Won
8200456C 00FF = Zack

82004271 FFFF = full heart for dog

82004608 00FF = max heart for first sprite
82004614 FFFF = max perimeter
82004216 00FF = max perimeter

8200462C 00FF = max heart for second sprite
82004638 FFFF = max perimeter
8200463A 00FF = max perimeter

82004650 00FF = max heart for third sprite
8200465C FFFF = max perimeter
8200465E 00FF = max perimeter

82004674 00FF = max heart for fourth sprite
82004680 FFFF = max perimeter
82004682 00FF = max perimeter

82004698 00FF = max heart for fifth sprite
820046A4 FFFF = max perimeter
820046A6 00FF = max perimeter

820046BC 00FF = max heart for sixth sprite
820046C8 FFFF = max perimeter
820046CA 00FF = max perimeter

820046E0 00FF = max heart for seventh sprite
820046EC FFFF = max perimeter
820046EE 00FF = max perimeter

House + House Hold
820027CC 009A = Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house
820027CD FF9A = Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house
820027CF FF00 = Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house
820027D0 FFFF = Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house
820027D1 FFFF = Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house

820025D8 000F = Have The Villa, The Beach House & The Mountain Cabbin

820029F8 00FF = biggest chicken house

82002BD8 FFFF = largest barn

Animal Code
820029F9 FFFF = max food for chicken

82002BDA FFFF = max food for cow

Item List

00 = Sickle
01 = Copper Sickle
02 = Silver Sickle
03 = Gold Sickle
04 = Mystrile Sickle
05 = Cursed Sickle
06 = Blessed Sickle
07 = Mythic Sickle
08 = Hoe
09 = Copper Hoe
0A = Silver Hoe
0B = Gold Hoe
0C = Mystrile Hoe
0D = Cursed Hoe
0E = Blessed Hoe
0F = Mythic Hoe
10 = Axe
11 = Copper Axe
12 = Silver Axe
13 = Gold Axe
14 = Mystrile Axe
15 = Cursed Axe
16 = Blessed Axe
17 = Mythic Axe
18 = Hammer
19 = Copper Hammer
1A = Silver Hammer
1B = Gold Hammer
1C = Mystrile Hammer
1D = Cursed Hammer
1E = Blessed Hammer
1F = Mythic Hammer
20 = Watering Can
21 = Copper Watering Can
22 = Silver Watering Can
23 = Gold Watering Can
24 = Mystrile Watering Can
25 = Cursed Watering Can
26 = Blessed Watering Can
27 = Mythic Watering Can
28 = Fishing Rod
29 = Copper Fishing Rod
2A = Silver Fishing Rod
2B = Gold Fishing Rod
2C = Mystrile Fishing Rod
2D = Cursed Fishing Rod
2E = Blessed Fishing Rod
2F = Mythic Fishing Rod
30 = Cow Miracle Potion
31 = Sheep Miracle Potion
32 = Turnip Seeds
33 = Potato Seeds
34 = Cucumber Seeds
35 = Strawberry Seeds
36 = Cabbage Seeds
37 = Tomato Seeds
38 = Corn Seeds
39 = Onion Seeds
3A = Pumpkin Seeds
3B = Pineapple Seeds
3C = Eggplant Seeds
3D = Carrot Seeds
3E = Sweet Potato Seeds
3F = Spinach Seeds
40 = Green Pepper Seeds
41 = Grass Seeds
42 = Moon Drop Seeds
43 = Pink Cat Seeds
44 = Magic Seeds
45 = Toy Flower Seeds
46 = Brush
47 = Milker
48 = Shears
49 = Bell
4A = Animal Medicine
4B = Blue Feather
4C = Pedometer
4D = Teleport Stone
4E = Gem of the Goddess
4F = Gem of the Kappa
50 = Gem of the Truth

Important Item
82004214 00xx = item (carrying)
00 = fish
01 = natural source

82004216 00xx = item (carrying)
30 - grass
31 - stone
32 - wood
33 - metal
34 - bootle
35 - egg
36 - treasure
37 - fish
38 - tin
39 - boot
3A - fish bone
3B - red bottle
3C - food

Date + Time + Weather
820025E0 00xx = weather
0 = sunny
1 = rainy
2 = snowy
3 = hurricane
4 = blizzard

820025EA 7xxx = xx=time (turn off before sleep) 7x=minute
00 = 00 a.m
01 = 01 a.m
02 = 02 a.m
03 = 03 a.m
04 = 04 a.m
05 = 05 a.m
06 = 06 a.m
07 = 07 a.m
08 = 08 a.m
09 = 09 a.m
0A = 10 a.m
0B = 11 a.m
0C = 00 p.m
0D = 01 p.m
0E = 02 p.m
0F = 03 p.m
10 = 04 p.m
11 = 05 p.m
12 = 06 p.m
13 = 07 p.m
14 = 08 p.m
15 = 09 p.m
16 = 10 p.m
17 = 11 p.m

8 = 07.5
9 = 15.0
A = 22.5
B = 30.0
C = 37.5
D = 45.0
E = 52.5
F = 00.0

820025E8 yyxx = x=year y=date
01 = 1st year
02 = 2nd year
03 = 3th year
04 = 4th year
05 = 5th year
06 = 6th year
07 = 7th year
08 = 8th year
09 = 9th year
0A = 10th year

00 = Spring 1
01 = Summer 1
02 = Autumn 1
03 = Winter 1
04 = Spring 2
05 = Summer 2
06 = Autumn 2
07 = Winter 2
08 = Spring 3
09 = Summer 3
0A = autumn 3
0B = winter 3
0C = spring 4
0D = summer 4
0E = autumn 4
0F = winter 4
10 = Spring 5
11 = Summer 5
12 = Autumn 5
13 = Winter 5
14 = Spring 6
15 = Summer 6
16 = Autumn 6
17 = Winter 6
18 = Spring 7
19 = Summer 7
1A = autumn 7
1B = winter 7
1C = spring 8
1D = summer 8
1E = autumn 8
1F = winter 8
20 = Spring 9
21 = Summer 9
22 = Autumn 9
23 = Winter 9
24 = Spring 10
25 = Summer 10
26 = Autumn 10
27 = Winter 10
28 = Spring 11
29 = Summer 11
2A = autumn 11
2B = winter 11
2C = spring 12
2D = summer 12
2E = autumn 12
2F = winter 12
30 = Spring 13
31 = Summer 13
32 = Autumn 13
33 = Winter 13
34 = Spring 14
35 = Summer 14
36 = Autumn 14
37 = Winter 14
38 = Spring 15
39 = Summer 15
3A = autumn 15
3B = winter 15
3C = spring 16
3D = summer 16
3E = autumn 16
3F = winter 16
40 = Spring 17
41 = Summer 17
42 = Autumn 17
43 = Winter 17
44 = Spring 18
45 = Summer 18
46 = Autumn 18
47 = Winter 18
48 = Spring 19
49 = Summer 19
4A = autumn 19
4B = winter 19
4C = spring 20
4D = summer 20
4E = autumn 20
4F = winter 20
50 = Spring 21
51 = Summer 21
52 = Autumn 21
53 = Winter 21
54 = Spring 22
55 = Summer 22
56 = Autumn 22
57 = Winter 22
58 = Spring 23
59 = Summer 23
5A = autumn 23
5B = winter 23
5C = spring 24
5D = summer 24
5E = autumn 24
5F = winter 24
60 = Spring 25
61 = Summer 25
62 = Autumn 25
63 = Winter 25
64 = Spring 26
65 = Summer 26
66 = Autumn 26
67 = Winter 26
68 = Spring 27
69 = Summer 27
6A = autumn 27
6B = winter 27
6C = spring 28
6D = summer 28
6E = autumn 28
6F = winter 28
70 = Spring 29
71 = Summer 29
72 = Autumn 29
73 = Winter 29
74 = Spring 30
75 = Summer 30
76 = Autumn 30
77 = Winter 30